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The book editor would like to thank the chapter authors for reviewing and commenting on various chapters. Their country expertise contributed greatly to the overall quality of the book. Frank D. McCann, in particular, volunteered his expertise in Brazilian military history in the form of five subsections for the National Security chapter. The book editor would also like to thank Professor Roberto Patricio Korzeniewicz of the Department of Sociology at the University of Maryland at College Park for contributing the discussion of gender in chapter 2, The Society and Its Environment.

The authors are grateful to individuals in various agencies of the United States government, international organizations, private institutions, including nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in Brazil, and Brazilian diplomatic offices who offered their time, special knowledge, or research facilities and materials to provide information and perspective. None of these individuals, is, however, in any way responsible for the work or points of view of the authors.

The book editor would like to thank the Rio Office of the Library of Congress--particularly Carmen Muricy, Senior Acquisitions Specialist; Pamela Howard-Reguindin, Field Director; and James C. Armstrong, former Field Director--for their bibliographical and other assistance. Thanks also go to Robert J. Olson, Department of the Army, for his efforts on behalf of the Country Studies/Area Handbook Program.

In addition, the book editor would like to thank members of the Federal Research Division who contributed directly to the preparation of the manuscript. These include Sandra W. Meditz, who reviewed all textual and graphic materials, served as liaison with the sponsoring agency, and provided numerous substantive and technical contributions; Marilyn L. Majeska, who managed editing and production; Andrea T. Merrill, who edited the tables, figures, and bibliography; and Barbara Edgerton, Janie L. Gilchrist, and Izella Watson, who did the word processing and initial typesetting. Thanks also go to Mary Ann Saour, who performed the copyediting of the chapters; Cissie Coy, who performed the final prepublication editorial review; Stephen C. Cranton and Janie L. Gilchrist, who prepared the camera-ready copy; and Sandi Schroeder, who compiled the index.

Finally, the book editor acknowledges the generosity of the individuals and the public, private, diplomatic, and international agencies--particularly the Inter-American Development Bank and the Office of the Military Attaché of the Brazilian Embassy in Washington--who allowed their photographs to be used in this study.

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Source: U.S. Library of Congress