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The authors wish to acknowledge the contributions of numerous individuals to this edition of Czechoslovakia: A Country Study. They are particularly grateful to the writers of the 1982 edition: Rosalyn Unger, "Historical Setting"; Patricia A. Kluck, "The Society and Its Environment"; Darrel R. Elgin, "The Economy"; James D. Rudolph, "Government and Politics"; and Eugene K. Keefe, "National Security." This work provided the organization and structure for the present volume as well as a considerable portion of the text.

The authors also express their gratitude to the individuals in government agencies and private institutions who graciously contributed their time, research materials, and extensive knowledge of Czechoslovak affairs. George J. Kovtun, Czechoslovak Specialist in the Library of Congress, provided valuable insight and suggestions for the "Historical Setting" chapter, as did Ellen Jones and Lyston Lea of the Defense Intelligence Agency for the "National Security" chapter.

The authors are also indebted to many members of the staff of the Federal Research Divisions for their significant contributions to the production of this volume. They are particularly grateful to Richard F. Nyrop, who reviewed the drafts of the chapters and provided guidance in all aspects of the preparation of the book; Sisto M. Flores, who provided information and expertise on ranks and insignia; Raymond E. Zickel, who provided substantive editing and valuable comments; Barbara Dash, and Marilyn Majeska who edited the manuscript; editorial assistants Barbara Edgerton, Monica Shimmin, and Izella Watson, who helped prepare the manuscript; and Marilyn Majeska, who assisted with the editing and managed book production.

Special thanks are owed Teresa E. Kemp and David P. Cabitto, who designed the artwork on the cover and the title page of each chapter; Cabitto also oversaw the preparation and production of the graphic art, maps, and illustrations, which were prepared by Harriet R. Blood, Sandra K. Cotugno, Kimberly E. Lord, and Keith Bechard. Susan Lender and Carolina E. Forrester helped selected and modify maps for the publication. Thank also go to Sisto M. Fores, who provide information on ranks and insignia. Andrea T. Merrill performed the final editorial Margo Varghese prepared the index, and Marilyn Majeska managed book production. Diann Johnson, of the Library of Congress Composing Unit, prepared the camera-ready copy under the supervision of Peggy Pixley.

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Source: U.S. Library of Congress