Thomas P. Ofcansky and LaVerle Berry, editors. Ethiopia: A Country Study. Washington: GPO for the Library of Congress, 1991.


Early Populations and Neighboring States
The Aksumite State
Ethiopia and the Early Islamic Period
The Zagwe Dynasty
The "Restoration" of the "Solomonic" Line
Amhara Ascendancy
Growth of Regional Muslim States
Oromo Migrations and Their Impact
Contact with European Christendom
The Reestablishment of the Ethiopian Monarchy
From Tewodros II to Menelik II, 1855-89
The Reign of Menelik II, 1889-1913
The Interregnum
Haile Selassie: The Prewar Period, 1930-36
Italian Administration in Eritrea
Mussolini's Invasion and the Italian Occupation
Ethiopia in World War II
The Postwar Period, 1945-60: Reform and Opposition
Change and Resistance

Administrative Change and the 1955 Constitution
The Attempted Coup of 1960 and Its Aftermath
Growth of Secessionist Threats
The Liberation Struggle in Eritrea

Discontent in Tigray
The Ogaden and the Haud
Revolution and Military Government
Background to Revolution, 1960-74

The Establishment of the Derg
The Struggle for Power, 1974-77
Ethiopia's Road to Socialism
The Mengistu Regime and Its Impact
War in the Ogaden and the Turn to the Soviet Union
Eritrean and Tigrayan Insurgencies
Social and Political Changes
Ethiopia in Crisis: Famine and Its Aftermath,1984-88
Government Defeats in Eritrea and Tigray
The People's Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
Changes in Soviet Policy and New International Horizons

Topography and Drainage

Resettlement and Villagization
Refugees, Drought, and Famine
Ethiopia's Peoples
Ethnic Groups, Ethnicity, and Language
Ethio-Semitic Language Groups
Cushitic Language Groups
Omotic Language Groups
Nilo-Saharan Language Groups
Occupational Castes
Ethnic Relations
Social Relations
Social System
Rural Society
Urban Society
The Role of Women
Demography and Geography of Religious Affiliation
Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity
Organization of the Church and the Clergy
Faith and Practice
Local Character of Belief and Practice
Indigenous Religions
Foreign Missions
Education During Imperial Rule
Primary and Secondary Education
Higher and Vocational Education
Foreign Educational Assistance
Health and Welfare

The Economy
Growth and Structure of the Economy
Developments up to l974

Postrevolution Period
Role of Government
The Budgetary Process
Revenue and Expenditures
Banking and Monetary Policy
Labor Force
Labor Unions
Wages and Prices
Land Use
Land Reform
Government Rural Programs
Peasant Associations and Rural Devlopment

Cooperatives and State Farms
Resettlement and Villagization
Agricultural Production
Major Cash Crops

Major Staple Crops
Government Marketing Operations
Foreign Trade

Government and Politics
The Workers' Party of Ethiopia
The 1987 Constitution
The Social Order
Citizenship, Freedoms, Rights, and Duties
National Shengo (National Assembly)
Council of State
The President
Council of Ministers
Judicial System
Regional and Local Government
Regional Administration

Peasant Associations
Civil Service
The Politics of Development
The Politics of Drought and Famine
The Politics of Resettlement
The Politics of Villagization
Political Dynamics
Political Participation and Repression
The Eritrean Movement
Eritrea and the Imperial Regime

Eritrea and the Mengistu Regime
The Tigrayan Movement
Other Movements and Fronts
Oromo Groups

Afar Groups
Somali Groups
Leftist Groups
Regime Stability and Peace Negotiations
Mass Media
Foreign Policy
Diplomacy and State Building in Imperial Ethiopia
Foreign Policy of the Derg
The Derg, the Soviet Union, and the Communist World
The Derg and the West
Ethiopia's Border Politics
Addis Ababa and the Middle East
The Demise of the Military Government


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