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The authors wish to thank individuals in various agencies of the Indian and United States governments and private institutions who gave their time, research materials, and special knowledge to provide information and perspective. These individuals include Hardeep Puri, Joint Secretary (America) of the Ministry of External Affairs; Madhukar Gupta, Joint Secretary (Kashmir) of the Ministry of Home Affairs; Bimla Bhalla, Director General of Advertising and Visual Publications, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting; Amulya Ratna Nanda, Registrar General of India; Ashok Jain, director of the National Institute of Science, Technology and Development Studies; T. Vishwanthan, director of the Indian National Scientific Documentation Centre; G.P. Phondke, director of the Publications and Information Directorate of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research; Air Commander Jasjit Singh, director of the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses; G. Madhavan, deputy executive secretary of the Indian Academy of Sciences; Sivaraj Ramaseshan, distinguished emeritus professor, Raman Research Institute; H.S. Nagaraja, public relations officer of the Indian Institute of Science; Virendra Singh, director of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research; Bhabani Sen Gupta of the Centre for Policy Research; Pradeep Mehendiratta, Vice President and Executive Director, Indian Institute of American Studies; and Richard J. Crites, Chat Blakeman, Peter L.M. Heydemann, and Marcia S.B. Bernicat of the United States Embassy in New Delhi. Special thanks go to Lygia M. Ballantyne, director, and Alice Kniskern, deputy director, and the staff of the Library of Congress New Delhi Field Office, particularly Atish Chatterjee, for supplying bounteous amounts of valuable research materials on India and arranging interviews of Indian government officials.

Appreciation is also extended to Ralph K. Benesch, who formerly oversaw the Country Studies/Area Handbook Program for the Department of the Army, and to the desk officers in the Department of State and the Department of the Army who reviewed the chapters. Thanks also are offered to William A. Blanpied, Mavis Bowen, Ainslie T. Embree, Jerome Jacobson, Suzanne Hanchett, Barbara Leitch LePoer, Owen M. Lynch, and Sunalini Nayudu, who either assisted with substantive information or read parts of the manuscript or did both.

The authors also wish to thank those who contributed directly to the preparation of the manuscript. They include Sandra W. Meditz, who reviewed all textual and graphic materials, served as liaison with the Department of the Army, and provided numerous substantive and technical contributions; Sheila Ross, who edited the chapters; Andrea T. Merrill, who edited the tables and figures; Marilyn Majeska, who supervised editing and managed production; Alberta Jones King, who assisted with research, making wordprocessing corrections to various versions of the manuscript, and proofreading; Barbara Edgerton and Izella Watson, who performed the final wordprocessing; Marla D. Woodson, who assisted with proofreading; and Janie L. Gilchrist, David P. Cabitto, Barbara Edgerton, and Izella Watson, who prepared the camera-ready copy. Catherine Schwartzstein performed the final prepublication editorial review, and Joan C. Cook compiled the index.

Graphics support was provided by David P. Cabitto, who oversaw the production of maps and graphics and, with the assistance of Wayne Horne, designed the cover and the illustrations on the chapter title pages; and Harriet Blood and Maryland Mapping and Graphics, who assisted in the preparation of the maps and charts. Thanks also go to Gary L. Fitzpatrick and Christine M. Anderson, of the Library of Congress Geography and Map Division, for assistance in preparing early map drafts. A very special thank you goes to Janice L. Hyde, who did the research on and selection of cover and title-page illustrations and photographs, translated some of the photograph captions and textual references, and helped the editors on numerous matters of substance and analysis. Shantha S. Murthy of the Library of Congress Serial Record Division provided Indian language assistance. Clarence Maloney helped identify the subjects of some of the photographs.

Finally the authors acknowledge the generosity of individ-uals and public and private organizations who allowed their photographs to be used in this study. They have been acknowledged in the illustration captions.

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Source: U.S. Library of Congress