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Several political groups that opposed the Sandinistas during the 1980s but did not run with the UNO coalition in 1990 had almost disappeared from the national political scene by 1993. These parties included one or more factions of the PCD, considered one of the larger opposition parties during the 1980s; the leaders included Clemete Guido, Eduardo Molina Palacios, and Rafael Cordova Rivas. Non-UNO parties also included smaller parties that were breakaway factions, led by prominent figures of parties that were affiliated with the UNO: Mauricio Díaz Davila's faction of the PPSC; Erick Ramírez Benevente's PCSN, a breakaway from the PSC; and Rodolfo Robelo's Independent Liberal Party of National Unity (Partido Liberal Independiente de Unidad Nacional- -PLIUN), a splinter group from the PLI. The only member of these groups to gain a seat in the National Assembly was Moisés Hassan Morales of the MUR, a breakaway faction of the FSLN; Hassan automatically gained a seat as a defeated presidential candidate.

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Source: U.S. Library of Congress