Persian Gulf States Table of Contents

The government promotes tourism, consistent with its policy of economic diversification, with emphasis on the Muscat metropolitan area and coastal towns where principal hotels are located. The Ministry of National Heritage and Culture is restoring historical sites at Muscat and in the coastal towns. The forts at Nazwah, Ar Rustaq, Al Hazm, Bidbid, and Jabrin in the interior are accessible by automobile.

Oman has seven international hotels, the majority located in the Muscat metropolitan area. AZD Enterprises, set up by Qais ibn Tariq Al Said, Sultan Qabus ibn Said's first cousin, is planning a new tourism project at Bandar Jissah, a weekend coastal retreat in the north. The site of the planned hotel and sports facilities, including a large golf course, will be near the Al Bustan Palace Hotel, the most luxurious hotel in Oman.

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Source: U.S. Library of Congress